Tata Simonyan & Kristina Orbakaite Music Video Shoot

Tata Simonyan & Kristina Orbakaite Music Video Shoot

Tata Simonyan, the European superstar named Moscow’s “King of Pop” in 2008, along with second generation pop star Kristina Orbakaite, are shooting what will no doubt be yet another top european hit on stage one at the studio today. Simonyan, already mega-famous in Armenia and Russia, and Russian-pedigree pop-sensation Orbakaite, are in Glendale to shoot what will likely be an internet released video also released on the european and asian circuits. Utilizing top of the line LED backdrops, RED EPIC cameras, digitized motorcycle chase scenes, and elaborate set design. The video documents two parallel story-lines that intersect at an Eastern wedding celebration. With Russian dancers, fog machines, and motorcycles on a digital LED stage, this shoot had an exotic and unique ambiance and a well-oiled crew!

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